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Little Egg Harbor – The Great 08087

Welcome to the place that I love, The Great 08087. Little Egg Harbor Township is not only filled with history, it is full of families that have been coming here for years and years to enjoy their *Peace* of the Jersey Shore. Years ago, in approximately 1959, streets and lagoons were made and development began. You could own a bungalow with 2 or 3 bedrooms and a carport. The homes were actually built in a warehouse right on Radio Road. There was nothing better than the fun in the sun in Mystic Island.

Mystic Island’s vision was to become a resort community. A place to come, relax and enjoy time with family and friends. Just imagine the weekends when all of the neighbors came down to their “Shore House”. We had a community pool, waterfront homes, boating, a community golf course, bathing beach and a small amusement park.

The old golf course is now a forest preservation area located on Radio Road just over the bridge on what was once known as Oceanview and is now known as Osborn Island.

We also had a Boatel, a place for boaters to dock and rest and grab a bite to eat. The property later became an Italian Restaurant known as The Rotunda. I remember having pizza there as a child, sitting at the table with the view of the water. Today this circular building is the Living Waters Christian Center.

What was once made to be a resort community has become a wonderful place to raise a family for some and is still a wonderful place to weekend and vacation. Here’s to the Great 08087!